Can I please have your attention?

I saw some post earlier today in some group. The post wrote and I quote,” Only legends will understand..First year lady: | Forth year lady: O ” end of quote. It’s 00:43 hrs as I write this. I was asleep but the thought of this kept my mind up. Ladies, Girls, Women!! Am talking to YOU, YOU and YOU! While you were in high school the only function your V had was to pee. You are now in campus and you’ve meet some fancy friends. That friend who dresses to kill, her hair style is always new every week. Her new Iphone 6+ is always buy her side with selfies, accessories in her bag and you admire her. So you become friends and she introduces into what she does to get all that. You discover that, the V can do way more than just ‘susu‘ and bleed every month. It can buy you body lotion that you only see on shelves in supermarkets and on TV AD’s. It can also buy Pizza, take you out every now and then. Upgrade your phone to one that even your Dad would never have since his priorities and responsibilities are on his neck.

Now you’ve become the kind a girl you admired. In the course of your errands, you meet with Mr. O who is a politician. You are impressed with the power and the security that is constantly around him. You have a nice time together and at the end of night he has one of his boys drop you at your hostel. He enjoyed your company, now he’s frequently on your phone texting you how he would like to meet again…

It’s been now 6 or 8 months since you first meet. I’ve lost count of how many dates you’ve had with him. You realize you are pregnant, and he’s responsible. Given the kind of public image he has, he wouldn’t want your pregnancy exposed. After all he has a wife, a whole county looking up at him. So he agrees to discuss terms with you and deal with it discretely. For some reason you are not happy with that and you want more than what he’s offering. You don’t want to be that lady that no one knows or talk about…

In your wisdom you take his wife’s contact from his phone and now since you’ve become “co-wives”, you feel you are equal and have the right to talk to her as you please. This lady, Mrs. O used to sneak out from her father un-fenced compound to meet up with the then boy O. He had no title, no job and you would even say no interesting future. This boy was in his daily attire. His jeans short and buggy t-shirts.

They would meet up and exchange sweet nothings until they heard her father’s whistle on his way back. In this same time in the late 70’s or early 80’s was when your parents used to do the same until they accidentally sired you elder brother. This couple has built themselves and have made something out for themselves.

You only met Mr. O with all his titles and what not. But in your ‘wisdom’ you feel equal because after all you are pregnant. You start sending her pictures of your baby bump and letting her know that she shouldn’t feel special because after all you are also joining her as a second Mrs. O.

How many baby bumps do you think she’s had for him? You have no idea. So the woman is not happy and you’ve made his home a living hell. You are now even going public on social media. You have the attention of the public. Now people are talking about you as you wanted. Every journalist wants to interview you. You are calling the shorts now. You have Mr. O by his balls and he will jump as high as you want him to. Your baby will not be raised in a house worth not less than a number of Millions.

Just the other day you didn’t have money for face cream but today your talking about Mills? Long story short you were last seen with him in one of your regular joints with VIP treatment with your now grown baby bump. On your way back as usual with one of his boys as your driver, you are reported missing. You disappear under unclear circumstances. Two, three days later you body is found laying lifeless in some forest with serious wounds.

Arrests are made for the people you were last seen with. Are there any prosecution? NO, not one. Meanwhile activists protest and the general public is following. This activist’s only put a show before your funeral and on the day of your burial. A week after your buried people move on with their lives like you never existed.

Let it sink and ask yourself this, Was it, Is it worth it?

After all what do I know? Let me go back to bed.

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